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Last trimester!

18 Mar

Hi baby C,

In two days I will be 30 weeks pregnant with you!  Last weekend your Aunt Mary Ellen, Aunt Michele, and Grandma Crain threw a baby shower for us.  There were so many people there who care about you and were there to celebrate your coming into this world.  They can’t wait to meet you!  Your Grandma & Grandpa Schulz drove all the way from Illinois to attend your shower, and my best friend Jamie flew in from Long Island to be there too. 

Your dad and I have been getting your room ready.  We have so many things for you that there almost isn’t enough room for everything!  Your dad has reorganized the layout of the nursery furniture about seven or eight times.  You know how he is with organization 😉

You have been very active in my belly.  Even the nurse practitioner was impressed by how big your movements were at our last visit!  They had me drink a cup of something that tasted like grenadine or cherry juice and you were jumping around on a sugar high.  I didn’t enjoy that test, but I’m glad you did!  Everything has been fine for you throughout the pregnancy so far.  I have not had any serious complications, just the regular aches and pains that most women experience.  I’m so glad that you are healthy and I hope you are happy too.  You will be worth everything it takes to have a baby.  I hope you come a few weeks early in May so that I can meet you sooner rather than later.