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In just a few moments…

1 Jun

Hello baby,

I expect this will be the last blog I write to you before you are born.  Your due date came and went earlier this week.  Yesterday the doctor said my body is ready to go into labor but it has not happened just yet.  He offered to induce labor artificially but I decided to wait for it to start naturally.  I am feeling different today than I have throughout the pregnancy.  You are sitting much lower in my abdomen and despite some pain I feel calm and patient.  I tried many ways to get labor started on Tuesday and Wednesday such as acupuncture, long walks, and spicy foods.  One of the interventions may have prepared my body for labor, but now I am leaving your birthday in God’s hands.

I am feeling many emotions as I think about your entrance into the world.  I am thankful that you are healthy.  The doctor says you are a poster child for the non-stress test.  I am scared of what I have been told will be the most painful experience in my life.  I am tired, because it is hard to sleep knowing you will be here within a couple days.  I am excited to finally hold you in my arms and meet the little person who is a product of the combined love of your dad and I.  That love comes from God.  Your dad and I would never have met and you would not exist if it were not for God’s love for us.  God brought us together at Christ United Methodist Church in Rockford nearly seven years ago at a time when I felt empty and cried out for God’s help.  God answered my prayer the next day at church by introducing me to Steven, and telling him that he would marry me.  Now God is with us as we prepare for your delivery.  God will be with us through this difficult process, and when we’re done we will have more love to share.