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You are two!

17 Sep


We have recently moved to our Keuka Lake house.  You talked about wanting to go to “New York” all summer, and when we  finally got here you cried and wanted to go home!  You are liking it a lot more now though.  You especially enjoy “all my cousins”.  You ask to go on a boat ride every day.  You love to play with the classic toys from the attic – plane, elevator, school, airport; all 1970 rendition.  You went from saying a few words here and there a few months ago to saying complete sentences now.  You can already “read” a couple books!  You have memorized “Good Night baby”  “Mommy and Me” and “The Going to Bed Book.”  Your laughter is infectious.  It’s easy to get a belly laugh out of you, which makes all of us laugh too.

You are very curious.  There was a boring library lady leading story time yesterday and you kept looking out the window talking about the stairs.  You then got up, and walked out the door while all the other kids sat their politely and listened!  Oops!  That’s one of your favorite books too, “Oops!”  Well if you develop ADHD that one will be my fault for drinking coffee while pregnant.  Gotta go, Daddy’s calling for my help because you are jumping on the bed.