Lake Gratitude List

I appreciate the years I have spent living on Keuka Lake.  It is beautiful here and just a few minutes spent down by the lake helps erase the rest of the world.  Because I love this place, I am happy to make these contributions for the betterment of our family lake house and mutual enjoyment:

I brought in our friends from church/work in to rent the house to help offset costs.

I spent 20 hours in communications with renters by email, phone, and in person to ensure they came, paid, and knew what to expect.

I wrote the lease agreement for the renters.

I arranged and met with Corey and supervised his work on fixing the bathtub downstairs.

I arranged and met with Isaac Hurst twice to get him to fix the swing set.

I have cleaned up mold in the upstairs bathroom and recaulked much of the tile where it was cracking to try to prevent water leaking and rotting out the drywall like it did in the downstairs bathroom.

I dried and put away towels and sheets after family stayed labor day weekend.

I notified our family, searched the internet, yellow pages and called about 15 different people and companies to try to get estimates and the roof/skylight fixed after it leaked.

I  arranged and met with Jason from JZ Construction to look at the skylight and the roof.

I arranged and met with two people from Connect A Service to have them look at the skylight.

I met with Dean Knapton to have him look at the skylight and roof.

I paid a cleaning lady to prepare the house for a weekend family gathering.

I dried towels and sheets after family spent the night.  I folded the towels and sheets and put them away.

I arranged and met with E & V Energy to have them fill the furnace with oil and get it started.  I paid them $104 to start it with our own family funds.
I painted the fridge white in back room.

I scraped peeling paint off the ceiling in the living room.

I painted one of the posts for carport.

I spent about 5 hours in communications with Will and Mom to try to figure out how to respond after we got a bad review from the last set of renters.

I scrubbed and swept off the porch roof and took mud and leaves out of the porch roof gutters.

I purchased red paint with the intent to paint the porch roof, but it looks like it might not be possible due to the bad condition of the porch roof.


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